About Us

Hilme - Investment Platform for Small Scale Businesses

About Us:
To promote the idea that services that promote investing in businesses (crowd investing sites) will help the growth of businesses, and to encourage the set-up of such services this LinkedIn group was created https://www.linkedin.com/groups/8656560/ We hope that Hil-maye.com will serve as a prototype of a crowdfunding service, and help show the many advantages of such a service.

What we do:

Provide businesses and their investors a platform for “meeting up” and getting into a contractual relationship on the Terms and Conditions of investment and return on investment. Facilitate the process of raising investment funds, and the process of payout towards fulfillment of the contractual return on investment.
Declaration that this is an investment. The business is pledging to pay x% of revenue until paid amount reaches the contractual multiple of the invested amount, payments will be made per contractual frequency . Please read Terms and Conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions
How are businesses vetted before being registered on this site?
Any business with license, and has existing revenue (as evidenced by legally declared revenue) can register to raise funds. Businesses should raise sufficient percentage of the funds from their own local area (their clients, friends/family) – this will serve as an “in-built” mechanism for establishing legitimacy.
How do you establish that documents are not forged, and that the business statements are true?
The transparency of crowd investment sites itself provides for crosschecking, and will deter forging.
Are funds on the site secure?
The funds are at all times held in the accounts of the business and/or the investor secured by the institutions (banks) that the business and investors are using. The service is an intermediary for the transactions – similar to taking checks from the investors and handing them to the businesses, and vice versa, the service does not and cannot cash the checks.